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We work with leading industrial companies in various markets like oil & gas, chemical, energy and security surveillance. With their capital-intensive infrastructures and challenging environments our clients benefit from our pioneering overall solutions for inspection and surveillance. There is massive potential for robotic applications, to increase productivity and improve safety.


ExR-1 developed by ExRobotics

oil and gas

The Challenge

With conventional inspections expenses for health, safety and environment in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries will go up from $39 billion in 2019 to $56 billion in 2030.

Inspection expenses will go up because of…

Higher standards of safety

Rising costs for deployment in high-risk facilities

A growing percentage of offshore facilities

Inspections of a rising number of old facilities

The Disruptive Solution

Robots brain-powered by our AI software significantly optimize the performance of capital intensive infrastructures like Oil & Gas platforms and operate efficiently in such challenging environments.
Our software enables them to do things never done before in ATEX environments: see, hear, smell, measure, move and act autonomously in remote and challenging high-risk environments. Our web-based user interface allows robot operators to remotely monitor their facilities using a cloud-based fleet of robots connected to the internet using already available infrastructure such as 3G, 4G and 5G.

use case

The Future has already started: Since 2019 leading global energy companies and service providers equip their worldwide facilities with robots brain-powered by our software for remote inspection and monitoring. While Energy Robotics is responsible for the brain of the robots and the whole software stack, the commercially available ATEX/IECEx-certified mobile ground robot hardware comes from our partner ExRobotics.



Energy Robotics has achieved the following milestones in the oil and gas industry:

  • 20.000 hours of successful operations
  • 200.000m of industrial inspection
  • 15.000 points of interests inspected on industrial sites
  • More than 20 robots in operations on 4 continents
  • Smooth supervision of robot fleets over distances of more than 10.000km


The Challenge

  • Inspection rounds are mandatory for operational safety
  • Quality of data collected is critical to minimize safety risks
  • The repetitive nature of routine inspections has a waning attention risk for humans
  • Health risks are involved when humans work near hazardous materials

The Disruptive Solution

use case merck

Merck KGaA is a worldwide operating leading science and technology company, which operates across healthcare, life science and performance materials. Scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship have been key to Merck’s technological and scientific advances. Merck is one of the first companies in Europe testing robots for autonomous inspection rounds.

Thermal exhaust treatment facilities play an important role in environmental protection at many chemical plants. They contain a number of maintenance intensive components that must be monitored frequently.

Hartmut Manske, Head of Automation and Robotics at Merck, says “The pilot with our new partners Energy Robotics and Boston Dynamics shows the state of the art in autonomous robotics. We are convinced that robots like Spot can efficiently and reliably support remotely supervised missions at our plants.”



A successful proof-of-concept has been completed at Merck:

  • Energy Robotics equipped a Boston Dynamics Spot® robot with its software stack for autonomous inspection
  • A payload using onboard computing, communications and sensors like thermal and zoom cameras is being used to perform inspections
  • Using our web-based user interface routine inspections have been performed successfully to detect potential anomalies in equipment such as pumps or fans, as well as inspect pressure and fluid levels in tanks
  • Navigation requirements were demonstrated performing inspection on multi-floor facilities with confined spaces
  • The data gathered is transferred by encrypted communication over the public 4G network to the operator’s PC
  • It was demonstrated how some dull, uncomfortable and physically demanding tasks can be done by an autonomous robot and how this can allow workers to focus on more important duties


The Challenge

Accurate inspections of energy generation and distribution equipment is crucial for reliably and safely getting electricity to customers. Repetitive inspection rounds bear a high waning attention risk for human inspectors. Energy production and power plants are frequently at remote locations and also potentially hazardous zones must be traversed.

The Disruptive Solution

Energy Robotics provides autonomous robotic inspection for the energy industry. Hazardous and hard to access zones as well as remote plants can be inspected and monitored in a safe and cost-effective manner. Our robotic inspection solution improves efficiency, reliability, quality, and safety.

security surveillance

The Challenge

Perimeter security and surveillance of a facility is an important step in keeping an organization’s data, physical assets and personnel safe. Achieving perimeter security with conventional practices like human guards or permanent camera installations alone becomes increasingly challenging: Costs for human work force is rising, hiring new qualified staff becomes more difficult, short-term employee absences are difficult to compensate, reliability of repetitive patrol tasks is fluctuating especially at night, permanent installations have high invest cost, limited field of view and no flexibility.

The Disruptive Solution

Our AI robotic security surveillance solution is available 24/7, is immune to diseases and never gets distracted, e.g., by a smartphone. Its attention is consistently high. It is designed to augment and complement the capabilities of existing personnel and improve operational efficiencies. With multiple super human sensing abilities (like zoom and thermal cameras, LIDAR) it can detect even what humans can not, more consistently and with higher quality, for example

Autonomous security surveillance rounds can easily be programmed, e.g. by specifying way points. Real-time information is available at any time to a remote supervisor via an encrypted connection over mobile phone networks. The supervisor can always take over for teleoperation as needed. Also the surveillance robot can be equipped with a visible alarm like a flashing light and an audible siren, which can be activated either autonomously based on people or anomaly detection or by remote control.