about us

A business venture of award-winning pioneers

We are a team of leading experts in intelligent autonomy software for mobile robots: engineers by heart, company founders by vision. As graduates of the renowned TU Darmstadt, we have for more than a decade developed and implemented a variety of successful intelligent robotic solutions for complex problems. This passion for excellence is our DNA, which led to the foundation of our company in 2018.


The proof of concept

We have demonstrated our autonomy software expertise and technological leadership with our research group “Team Hector” of TU Darmstadt by winning several of the most important international robotics awards in the field:

In 2017 the robot exclusively brain-powered by software developed by our research group won the international ARGOS Challenge organized by TOTAL S.A. in France by a clear margin. This made it the first highly recognized prototype of an autonomous ground robot capable to carry out complex remote inspection and monitoring missions on oil and gas platforms. In 2018 our team won the Plant Disaster Prevention Challenge at the World Robot Summit in Japan hosted by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and New Energy Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

In 2017 and 2019 our team achieved the best autonomous mapping of radioactive sources in a nuclear power plant in the first two European ENRICH Robotics Competitions in Austria. Also with a large margin, our team won in 2019 (as in 2018 and many years before) the Best in Class Autonomy Award for the most intelligent rescue robot at the international RoboCup World Championship in Australia.

The success in all these renowned international robotics competitions was achieved with five different types of robots, all brain-powered by software developed by our experts. Since 2019 the first commercial robots exclusively brain-powered by Energy Robotics are serving our customers.

Extraordinary experts

Dr. Dorian Scholz

CEO, Head of Product Management, Co-Founder
  • Received a doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his research in robotics
  • Business expertise in developing web and mobile applications
  • Lead of web and mobile user interface
  • Lead of cloud-based software
  • Responsible for IT security
  • Project Manager of the RoboCup Soccer Team

Dr. Stefan Kohlbrecher

CTO, Head of Technical Development, Co-Founder
  • Received a doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his research in robotics
  • Lead of robotics and AI
  • Developer of Hector SLAM, one of the most widely used open source algorithms in research and industry for simultaneous localization and mapping
  • Project Manager at ARGOS Challenge, DARPA Robotics Challenge, RoboCup Rescue

Dr. Alberto Romay

COO, Head of Quality Assurance, Co-Founder
  • Received a doctoral degree from TU Darmstadt for his research in robotics
  • Lead of software and hardware qualification
  • Lead of robot DevOps
  • Lead of autonomous robot behaviors
  • Expert in robotic manipulation and grasping

Marc Dassler

Commercial Management, Co-Founder
  • 20 years of founding experience in the software industry
  • Successful participant in several autonomous robot competitions
  • Head of IT of Pippa&Jean
  • Founder and Managing Director of busticket.de and BiteBox, 2011-2016
  • Head of Digital Platforms at Hilti Group

Prof. Oskar von Stryk

Professor at TU Darmstadt, Senior Advisor, Co-Founder
  • Professional and scientific mentor and consultant
  • Internationally recognized expert with more than 25 years of expertise in autonomous robotics and more than 250 publications
  • 6 years of founding experience in robotics industry
  • Multiple awards and championships: 1st price European Robotics Technology Transfer 2009, Hessian Cooperation Award 2009, 6 RoboCup world championships in three different leagues, wins at ARGOS, ENRICH, WRS
Ambitious colleagues wanted

As a dynamic team of experts in intelligent mobile robots we are looking for new team members sharing the same enthusiasm for robots, AI and software technology. If you are interested in changing the game of whole industries, please contact us. We’re not just building smart robots. We’re building a great team that makes the difference.

We are looking for you, if you are an expert and outstanding team player.

come work with us!