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A great team looking for new members

As a dynamic team of experts in intelligent mobile robots we are looking for new team members sharing the same enthusiasm for robots, AI and software technology. If you are interested in changing the game of whole industries, please contact us. We’re not just building smart robots. We’re building a great team that makes the difference.

We are looking for you, if you are an expert and outstanding team player.


Open Positions

3D Web Frontend Engineer

Forge the 3D frontend of the next generation of mobile autonomous robotics. Make it easy and effective to steer and direct robots, so that autonomous robotics feels like the best 3D game you ever played.

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Cloud Backend Engineer

Build and run the backbone of our robot fleet. Artificial intelligence, machine vision and sensing - the robot cloud brain needs a home, which you will build.

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Robot Software Engineer

Teach the robots new tricks, help our customers to solve their problems, so that robots can do the unfavourable tasks instead of humans in hazardous environments. You will be developing, implementing and testing software for autonomous robots, from low-level control to high-level behaviors.

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Robot Operations Engineer

Work on the frontline with our customers and the product engineering team, to make the deployment of robots and our software solution at customers facilities a success and ensure seamless operations of robots.

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Junior Marketing Manager

Coming Soon. You want apply proactively? Send us an email.

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